Emiratization Programme: Ajyal

BinHendi’s Emiratisation philosophy revolves primarily around the quantitative & qualitative growth of UAE nationals within the company. In the true spirit of BinHendi’s style, our Emiratisation drive, AJYAL, is practiced with ART. Attract, Recruit, Train & retain are key stages in a UAE National’s career cycle as a BinHendi family member. AJYAL, meaning generations, nurtures our deep-rooted mission to provide the community we live in with the finest. Our organization developed with Dubai serving & supporting its national community via effective knowledge sharing & transmission throughout generations. BinHendi Enterprises takes pride in its distinctive & multicultural workforce whereby it currently retains over 3000 employees of diversified nationalities, ethnic backgrounds & age groups.

“You ask me what the most important elements for achieving success in a business, I would say that they are pursuing your goals, loving the business you do, and doing it with originality, style and with the right people.”
Mr. Mohi-Din BinHendi, President of BinHendi Enterprises

UAE Nationals are invited to explore tempting job opportunities at BinHendi coupled with genuine career consulting, planning & development. BinHendi Enterprises grants Emiratees seeking employment in the private sector an unlimited range of occupational choices spread across various divisions & departments. As a BinHendi employee, you will benefit from exposure derived from dealing with international & world-class brands whilst incorporating local strategies & know-how. The potential learning & growth is immense. The company offers junior, senior & managerial posting to suit several academic levels ranging from holders of High School Certificates, Diploma, HD, & Bachelor Degrees.

Through a rigorous selection system we will analyze job competencies, qualifications and background to ensure the selection is mutually beneficial. Progress at work is regularly reviewed whereby strengths and areas of development highlighted. Unique training programmes will be designed for each UAE National to inspire and polish skills and abilities.

Our policy is to ensure a healthy working environment fostering open communication to allow employees to grow and be rewarded.