Bageterie Boulevard

Bageterie Boulevard is a trendy, dynamically developing concept of fast food restaurants with French charm. The chefs at Bageterie Boulevard are  specialists when it comes to crispy baguettes with unique and, most importantly, high quality fillings, always baked on the spot and prepared fresh as you want them. The food at Bageterie Boulevard is based on traditional European cuisine transformed into a simple way of…

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A seafood restaurant with a difference, Sammach is a striking, nautically-themed eatery which serves a vast variety of the finest fresh seafood. The unique fish market experience allows you to hand select your seafood which is then prepared exactly as you desire.

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Joe’s Café

Born from the London fashion house of Joseph comes Joe’s Café, an extension of Josephs Ettedgui – creative genius. Since conception, this London success story has been making headlines. Full of personality, this popular café has its own unique appeal and buzz among its eccentric and vibrant customers.

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Japengo Café

At the very heart of Dubai’s humble beginnings sits Japengo, a home-grown restaurant born out of a culinary evolution. With the arrival of international cuisines and a diverse community came the appreciation for flavours from both East and West. As the city evolves, so does the Japengo menu, reflecting seasonal ingredients, innovative creativity and our all-time favourites.

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Café Havana

Cuban in its décor, passionate in its personality, international in its cuisine – we bring you Café Havana. This home-grown brand has stretched its local borders to embrace the vibrancy of its cosmopolitan community. Come, sit back, relax, and enjoy this themed café and its varied menu offering.

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