Partner with 50 Years Of Heritage

When you partner with BinHendi, you partner with a pioneer with 50 years of Middle East expertise.

Why Partner With Us?

We are recognized regionally for luxury, innovation, and market disruption

We have launched over 75 global brands in the region. Our GTM experience is unparalleled

Legal and Govt relations are key for any new market, we have an in-depth understanding and know-how.

Readily available infrastructure – Offices, warehouses, IT, and Admin infra

Talent – Our Joint Ventures management team consists of industry experts with over 100 years of combined experience.

How We Help

Accelerate Growth

Our joint ventures and strategic partnerships form the perfect platform for any brand to accelerate growth and build a long-term sustainable business. Our legacy, dedicated teams, and infrastructure ensure that our Joint Ventures have the fastest go-to-market time possible and aim for higher success rates.

Forward Thinking

The business landscape has changed even more rapidly in the last decade and as a group, we embrace this vibrant and fast-paced business environment. We have partnerships brewing in finch, edutech, Medtech, real-estate, e-commerce, and blockchain & crypto.

Confidence in the face of the future

Digital business is the future and success takes more than just great technology. It takes a true partnership — partners you can trust.

BinHendi Joint Ventures are the result of long-term partnerships that we have nurtured with our partner brands. We achieved success by being ahead of the market always and challenging the status quo. And now, we have set up a dedicated investment arm to go beyond our traditional frontiers and stay ahead of the curve. We carefully select and curate joint ventures, acquisitions, and venture capital investments that enable us to create exceptional value and innovate through disruptive business models.

Our growth teams are always on the lookout for great partnerships. If you are looking to set shop and grow in the UAE, then get in touch with us. With 5 decades of experience, local partnerships, and talented teams, we bring assets to the table that are unmatched. The brand equity of BinHendi Enterprises is something that we consider our biggest asset and is a force to be reckoned with.

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