Artioli Style is synonymous with luxury shoes and refined, respecting the history of the brand but in the search for models that always anticipate trends and orientate the canons of taste.

After fifty-five years at the top of Italy’s footwear craftsman, Artioli has sustained the reputation as the barometer by which other handcraftsmen are judged. The tradition of Artioli has its roots in the treasured family secrets passed on from our founder Severino Artioli to his descendants Masters Vito and Andrea Artioli.

The strong lineage has resulted in the worldwide success of the Artioli lines. The process by which a shoe is crafted under the guidance of an Artioli Master takes over two hundred intricate operations in combination with two centuries of knowledge and experience. The Masters instil this shared knowledge and expertise into crafting shoes made out of only the best leathers. The high-quality leather allows the foot to breathe, and the special lining and sole materials treated only with stitching keep the foot fresh and dry.

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